Our Antibiotics are a critical tool to prevent, control and treat diseases in yours livestock and poultry.

Our commitment to quality products guaratees you to quality meat breed chickens, disease free feeding environment and lots of profit growth.

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Animal pharmaceuticals are primarily used to treat or prevent diseases or infections. Both vaccines and pharmaceuticals are needed to keep animals healthy; while vaccines exist for some conditions, pharmaceuticals are still needed to treat some diseases and infections similar to human healthcare.

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Because animals can’t take their own medications like humans can, animal pharmaceuticals come in a variety of forms to allow the owner or veterinarian to administer the needed medications.

These forms include pills, liquids, injections, powders, "drenches" (drenching the animal in a liquid form of the pharmaceutical), "feed additives" (putting it in their food), or "boluses" (a large pill designed for veterinary use).

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